The Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities provides resources and opportunities for individuals working in any field to advance their understanding of how new methods, tools, models, applications, and theoretical frameworks are being put to use in expanding the scope and scale of inquiry in the humanities disciplines. It is designed to allow students to gain familiarity with the range of work being done through reading, reflection and discussion and to learn to work effectively in digital environments through hands-on experiences with real-world applications. You will also be encouraged through consultation with faculty advisors to explore how your own interests intersect with specific pathways within the general field of digital humanities.

No prior technical knowledge is required, and the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities is open to students from all backgrounds. Currently-enrolled graduate students are eligible to apply to the program as well as non-degree students (including faculty and staff from OU and other academic and educational sites, professionals working in the non-profit sector, and independent scholars among others).

Work in digital humanities joins new ways of exploring how humans have sought to understand and change the worlds we live in to skills of long-standing value in the humanities: the ability to absorb and compare large amounts of complex material across media and disciplines; a deep knowledge of theoretical approaches for analyzing sources and artifacts; expertise at identifying and analyzing relevant contexts; discovering patterns and details through close reading and comparative assessment; and in utilizing the cumulative experience of multiple generations in evaluating sense and significance in challenging materials.

The digital humanities draw from many points of origin for diverse purposes, offering creative possibilities that are just beginning to be put into practice.

Questions about the program? Please contact Associate Professor Katherine Pandora.