The Digital Humanities Certificate Program consists of 4 courses [12 credit hours]. The program is bookended by the two required courses listed below: an interdisciplinary introductory seminar, and a culminating internship or practicum designed by the student in consultation with advisory faculty.

  • HSCI 5613 Issues and Methods in the Digital Humanities
  • Either the HSCI 5623 Practicum/Internship in the Digital Humanities or the LIS 5823 Internship

According to their interests, students choose two additional courses from the following guided electives list [see the Course Descriptions page for further info] :

  • A HI 5913: Visual Culture in Theory and Practice
  • C S 5093: Visual Analytics
  • ENGL 5463: Rhetoric & Technology
  • GEOG 5623: Seminar in GIS Design
  • JMC 5970: Digital and Transmedia Theories
  • LIS 5343: Archival Concepts and Traditions
  • LIS 5453: Digital Collections
  • LIS 5613: Dynamic Web Development
  • LIS 5623: Introduction to Data Mining for Information Professionals
  • LIS 5673: Introduction to Information Visualization
  • LIS 5970: Digital Curation

The DHGC program offers coursework under the guidance of experts in the field, but is also more than coursework — students are invited to participate in activities sponsored by the Digital Scholarship Lab and to learn from and contribute to informal learning communities here at OU, and as a member of online interest groups.

For more specific details, see the Course Descriptions Page.